Nastie sure does a good job of "rubbing it in the English face."
Nastie sure does a good job of "rubbing it in the English face."

Fourth of José and Nastie Fourth of July

We have come a long way since July 4, 1776. A real long way. But pseudo-commentary on the Bush administration aside, one thing a bunch of dead, crusty white dudes will not deny is that at least nowadays we have a whole bunch of options at our disposal! This coming day of independence will feature a pair of the better party options available to the fine, patriotic citizens of this town: Nastie Fourth of July and the Fourth of José. Wow.

Loved and hated throughout the county for shenanigans of questionable redeeming qualities, the Notorious Nastie's shows are at the very least extremely fun affairs. This Fourth should be no different, with a revolving door of live acts and DJs peddling their wares in the well-worn environs of Churchill's Pub. Says Nastie: "What better way to enjoy the Fourth of July than rub it in the English face? And nothing is more English than Churchill's!" Among the many acts on the bill are Mad Martigan, New Times' Best New Rock Act for 2008. There will also be free barbecue served by "The Bikini Girls." Enjoy.

A little farther south, at The Vagabond, is another José El Rey-sponsored theme party. This time, however, the king will be releasing upon his loyal subjects his first legit (as in, not made in a Hialeah sweatshop) album, A Little Strong. If this party goes down similarly to his recent quinceañera-themed shebang, you're in for a real booty-thumping treat. Celebrate freedom from the oppressive hand of her royal majesty, Miami style.


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