Flute Salad's Sexxxy Dance Mix: A Soundtrack for Shaking Ass at Lester's Tonight

It's Friday and we here at Crossfade wanna fuck. Er, we mean dance. And that's why we're humping over to Flute Salad at Lester's tonight.

From 8 till 10 p.m., there'll be free drinks for the females. But don't get it twisted ... This little fuck dance party, hosted by County Grind music editor Liz Tracy and her galpal Amanda Leah, won't be ending once the complimentary booze runs out.

No way! We gonna keep grinding for hours and hours and hours. So show up, sweat, scream, and shake it ... Just don't slip in the puddles of pure sexxxy.

Oh, and see the cut for an official Flute Salad dance mix!

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The Cramps' "Human Fly"

"Don't lie and tell me that The Cramps don't make you horny. Because they do. This is best danced to when wasted." -- Liz

Ciara's "Ride"

"Ciara's a good girl gone bad. And she beats Rhianna, if you ask me. Both badder and much, much better." -- Amanda

Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam"

"What do you think 'Bam Bam' means? Just kidding ... I have no idea. But this song really makes you want to 'Bam Bam.'" -- Liz

King Khan & The Shrines' "69 Faces of Love‬"

"This is one of Amanda's favs. A sweet caress to our ears. If you missed King Khan last week at the Bruise Cruise Pre-show, that sucks. 'Twas suberb." -- Liz

Prince's "Erotic City"

"Prince is the godfather of current pop's sexier side. Sure, he's gotten religious in the meantime. But old Prince stays the sexiest." -- Amanda

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