Flosstradamus at Grand Central October 12

Had now-legendary New Orleans rapper and producer Mannie Fresh heard womp-womp "from the amplifiers" instead of boom after "the truck went uh-uh" on "Still Fly," Big Tymers' Hood Rich would've been a completely different record and ten years ahead of its time. But we're glad he didn't. Producing electro beats with enough swag to effortlessly pump through "four 15s" sans visible wires is a tough task. So without a little Fool's Gold, don't expect the track to be Mad Decent, a key ingredient in Flosstradamus's scrumptious hip-hop-infused recipe for Chicago deep-dish electro. "[Autobot and I] both grew up having a big mix of Chicago music around us," Flosstradamus's J2K recently told entertainment blog Chicago Now. "Juke, house, rap. When we started our parties, we were flipping a lot of old Chicago tunes that were nostalgic to us, and now those same tunes have helped inspire us in our production as well. "There are so many genres and subgenres in EDM," J2K added, "and people have so much exposure to music. I hope [that] if people don't like one thing, they'll find something they do like." Having remixed everyone from indie poppers Matt and Kim to blog rappers the Cool Kids, Flosstradamus's Autobot and J2K are respected by their peers and admired by legions of fans for their expertly blended cross-genre contributions. And yes, the Floss is certainly "something they do like."


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