Florida's Ten Best Ska Bands of All Time

Magadog! The thumping heart of Florida ska.
Magadog! The thumping heart of Florida ska.
Via Magadog's Facebook page

If it wasn't for Miami, there wouldn't be ska.

This musical style was born in Jamaica during the 1950s from a mix of traditional Caribbean mento with American jazz and R&B.

But when Miami radio first started playing independent black music in the 1940s, Jamaica and the rest of the islands were listening too. On a clear night, our radio signals carried all across the Caribbean.

In the 1990s, ska came back to these shores, knocked boots with punk, and still lives here today. Here are Florida's ten best ska bands of all time.

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10. Askultura

Thriving and local, this Miami crew has spent the last five years crisscrossing the state of Florida, building an independent concert promotions network, playing more shows a month than some bands do in a year, putting out an EP (You Stank, We Skank), an album (Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury), and creating its own multi-culti hybrid of third-wave ska, Italian folk, rumba, and straight-up punk.

9. Jive Step Bunch

Sometime around 1995 at a little club called Cheers at US 1 and SW 17th Avenue in South Miami, the weekends were ruled by all-ages hardcore, punk, and ska shows. The rowdy SoFla rudeboys, punks, and skins of Jive Step Bunch were known to stomp in with the Docs and pork pie hats, set their horns blazing, and turn the floor into a writhing, elbow-swinging dance off.

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