Florida Banning Bongs! Ten Stoner Songs That Wouldn't Exist Without Water Pipes

Last week, New Times reported on a bill in the Florida Senate that may criminalize bongs and other common marijuana paraphernalia sold everywhere, from smoke shops and record stores to an increasing number of gas stations.

And then yesterday, we followed up with an emergency survival kit to help our 420-friendly readers hold on to their god-given right to vigorously inhale the hot smoke of a sparked-up psychoactive herb.

As liberty-loving progressives, we here at Crossfade would also like to show solidarity with weedmongers around the world.

So, in the hope that one day we may be judged not by the apparatus through which we smoke illegal drugs, but by the content of our characters, here are ten stoner songs that wouldn't exist without water pipes.

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Ray Charles's "Let's Go Get Stoned"

We can't prove Ray Charles smoked bongs. But we can't prove that he didn't either. Furthermore, the legendary soul music innovator didn't call the song, "Let's get blunted," as to indicate his desire to leisurely roll up some marijuana in a tobacco leaf casing. Ray Charles is specifically asking to get stoned. Yes, the term is synonymous with the after-effects of copious THC, no matter the medium. But the matter-of-fact urgency make us imagine Ray would be a pretty utilitarian pothead who beelines to the already packed bong and lets her rip. We never saw the movie. So don't spoil anything.

Afroman's "Because I Got High"

Look, even though we are pro-legalization (on a strict basis of impartial social libertarianism), we can admit that weed is sort of a drug. But it's not a fucking sedative. The only way Afroman got that high was by hitting some fancy, stained-glass, custom-blown water pipe. How else could he get so bliggity blazed that he would neglect to clean his room, attend class, go to work, make his court date, be an adequate husband, a decent father, and so on? We're pretty sure that despite his self-proclaimed love of blunts, the man whose mama named him Joseph Edgar Foreman couldn't help but "hit the bong like Cheech and Chong."

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