Five Signs You Might Be a Shitty Guitarist

No one needs a "quad guitar." Not even Michael Angelo Batio.
No one needs a "quad guitar." Not even Michael Angelo Batio.

It would seem that everyone not bent on being a DJ these days is buying a guitar. In recent years, there have been unprecedented national advertisements for large chain music stores like Guitar Center all over radio and television, and the fact that a company like the aforementioned grew so successful that Bain Capital consumed them should say plenty about just how badly everyone wants to be a rock star.

However, most of us are not rock stars. And when it comes to the guitar, the saturation of players and the hero worship have made originality an even harder commodity to come by than ever. But simply playing the guitar should be enough to get you in the club, right? Wrong. Here are five signs that you might be missing the point and are in fact a shitty guitarist.

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The Automaton

Do you love a specific guitarist so much that you want to actually be them? Have you acquired said player's signature guitar, amp, pedal, hat, sneakers, shitty tattoos, etc? Have you learned this person's entire library of licks? Here's the issue: You're nevergoing to be that player -- you're just going to be the weird dude that appropriated another person's bit. More importantly, you're going to be chastised in perpetuity by people that have taken the time to develop their own thing, because it doesn't matter how hard you practice -- you're still you. Worse yet, there are already so many people doing the nu-Hendrix/Page/Van Halen guy already, so stop it. Having influences is important, of course, but maybe just cover your tracks a little when you're forging an identity?

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