Five Reasons Today's Rappers Are Fakes

Five Reasons Today's Rappers Are Fakes

Hip-hop has hit a new low. It's nothing but a flashy circus full of liars, cheats, and corporate scum. They all want to talk big shit about coming from the streets or representing the hood, but too many have never seen an actual corner in their lives.

Not only are they liars, but they're actually hurting the people they pretend to speak for. And they're not even that good at rhyming!

Don't believe us? Here, let us spell it out for you.

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They Are Lyrically Lazy

Umm, has anyone been listening to the words in rap songs lately? The point of rapping is to show how witty and quick on your feet you can be, but all these wannabes are copping each other's lines and rhyming words with themselves. Soulja Boy is the worst, but he's kind of a joke anyway. What about Nicki Minaj? You really think saying "You a Stupid Hoe" over and over is a chorus? Have you heard Future's "Chosen One"? The chorus is straight up eight lines that end with "one." Fuck that shit, you're not even trying.

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