Five Real Trap (Rap) Songs

Three Six Mafia, straight runnin' the trap.
Three Six Mafia, straight runnin' the trap.

The word "trap" has two meanings in the music world.

Birthed in the early 2000s, it was bass-y, kick drum-ridden, synth hi-hat Southern hip-hop, all about the venue (a trap) for drug deals and the lifestyle of a bagman. Now, though, trap rap is often befuddled with the mechanical, schizy EDM spawn often heard blaring from every house on Fraternity Row.

Look, we're not trying to knock on dubstep's baby cousin. Crossfade just wants to recognize some of the trap songs that started it all, before "los terroristas" hijacked the genre.

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5.Three Six Mafia's "Sippin' on Some Syrup"

No, Three Six wasn't "sippin' on some scissors." Admit it, you didn't know what a promethazine/codeine-induced coma was before this banger. Triple 6 and UGK pioneered heavy trap with an ode to the purple drank. Its choppy percussion defined the genre, and the vibrating synth intro and spacey keyboard sample (borrowed from Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye's "Is That Enough") keeps the duo leanin' hard. As DJ Paul professes: "Niggas sippin' and dippin' and trippin'/Man, I'm bout all out."

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