Five music and food pairings in honor of Peter Bjorn and John's All You Can Eat tour

1. "Young Folks" and seared foie gras encrusted with Pop Rocks: For the most addictive slice of sugary indie-pop of the '00s, Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks," there's only one dish that'll do: a fat chunk of foie gras, seared to perfection and given a crunchy coating of Pop Rocks, the cherry-flavored crystal meth of the candy world.

2. "Nothing to Worry About" and hot sake: Have you seen the music vid for this darkly swaggering PB&J track off 2009's Living Thing? It's all about Japan's rockabilly-obsessed greasers, which makes it the perfect soundtrack for pounding hot sake all night long.

3. "Second Chance" and silver-dusted popcorn: There's nothing more excessive and self-indulgent than sprinkling or shaving precious metals over your snacks. But "Second Chance" is so bright and shiny that only silver-dusted popcorn will cut it.


All You Can Eat Tour

9 p.m. Friday, September 23, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-7750; Tickets cost $20 to $50 at the door.

4. "Dig a Little Deeper" and booze-infused watermelon: Surfing atop bouncy, vaguely Caribbean rhythms, "Dig a Little Deeper" is both intoxicating and refreshing. The ideal edible companion: a miniature watermelon that's been pumped full of homemade rum with a heavy-duty surgical syringe.

5. "(Don't Let Them) Cool Off" and poached quail eggs: Like chicken embryos, quail eggs are disgusting if you don't eat them as soon as they come out of the kitchen. So heed PB&J's sage advice and "(Don't Let Them) Cool Off."


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