Five Funniest Musicians on Vine

Five Funniest Musicians on Vine

In the 1920s, some intellectual turd purportedly told Earnest Hemingway that he couldn't write a compelling story in less than a few hundred words, and Hemingway was all, "Watch this."

He drank something stiff, no doubt, and turned out a most heart-wrenching tale in six words: "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn."

He proved it doesn't take more than six of anything to be interesting. Vine one-ups the concept with six-second videos, which might make some scoff, "Oh, who could be funny in six seconds?" Well naysayers, STFU. These five musicians are pretty damn hilarious.

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Mac Miller

Not only is Miller a dope-ass rapper, bringing it hard with lines about astrophysics and fat-booty bitches, he's also a master Viner. His hilarious history on the social networking site has been chronicled by BuzzFeed. And as you can see, he often allows his famous rapping friends to make cameos. That's Chance the Rapper in the above video right there. Lots of bullshit talk going down. He's also got great revines.

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