Five EDM Fads That Need To Die

Five EDM Fads That Need To Die
Photo by Benjamin Leatherman

Hey, beat freaks. Step away from the rave gloves. Take off the kandi bracelets.

It's time to own up. You've exhausted a batch of trends that have metamorphosed the once vibrant, sonically diverse electronic dance music movement into an LED inferno of pacifier-sucking, furry-booted creatures praising deadpan androids behind a laptop.

And we know, you just shelled out $500 to be herded like neon-clad cattle at a larger-than-life music festival (Avicii is headlining, and you haven't heard "Levels" in ages!), but before you embark on your next trip, here are five EDM fads that need to die.

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Five EDM Fads That Need To Die
Photo by Kat Bein

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5. Mindless Frat Tanks and Tees

Frat finery has made a lasting impression beyond Greek Row. These eyesores are an EDM staple, but are often just plain chauvinistic. Sure, "Keep Calm and Plur On" is a harmless, unimaginative version of Britain's World War II mantra, and "Rave Rave Rave" is a nod to the overzealousness of those damn ragers. But just because the ladies of EDM don sequined bras and butt-floss on the reg, that doesn't mean bros should pound them with cock logic. If Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is your credo, please don't rep "Cool story hoe, now suck my dick" on your chest.

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