Five Douchiest Things Music Snobs Say

Five Douchiest Things Music Snobs Say

Talking to a music snob can be a great learning experience. Or a great pain in the ass.

You know the type. Sure, they've got stellar taste. But they hold it over everyone's heads like some kind of license to poop in your cereal.

Though each snob has his or her specialty, some phrases are just universally obnoxious. Here are the five douchiest things music snobs say. And c'mon now, we should know.

5. "That isn't real music."

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Ah, yes, the real music debate that literally no one cares about. And what does "real music" mean anyway? For some, it's the difference between electronic and analog. For others, it could be pop vs. the underground. But really, these snobs just think you're an idiot and want to spend the next hour making you listen to obscure, conceptual noise. And they're hoping you won't like it.

4. "You have to listen to this with the right sound system."

Sure, a great set of speakers paired with the right sub can really bring the nuances out in a banging tune. But that doesn't mean you have to shit on what a bitch be rockin'. Sometimes, we just want to drive along and listen to a jam. Of course, though, there's always that one guy who's like, "Man, you can't even really hear it like this."

You're right! We can't hear it! Because you won't shut the hell up and let us listen! The quality of the speakers doesn't determine the quality of the music. Be honest ... You just want an excuse to tweak the knobs on the overpriced sound system that daddy bought you for being such a good little douche.

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