Finnegan's Music Festival at Finnegan's River September 2

Finnegan's River is honoring Labor Day, our federally granted 24 hours of rest, with a music festival guaranteed to distract you from any lingering work preoccupations and chill you the hell out.

The three-day fest is beefed up with a killer representation of the best pop, reggae, hip-hop, and Latin fusion groups Miami has to offer. There aren't often a ton of live acts blasting mere blocks from Brickell, so accept this as an extra-special audio occasion south of the river. And along with a weekend schedule packed with live bands, party animals can show off their sex-tacular gym bodies in the pool.

The lineup features up to eight acts each evening. So even though your body will be chillin', your ears will have little time to rest. Bands include hip-hoppers ArtOfficial, whose impressive credentials include sharing the stage with KRS-One and performing alongside the Wu-Tang Clan at Rock the Bells. The Latin funk-fusion masters of Suénalo will bring the dance tunes and horns, and Little Haiti's Nag Champayons, a band with the most wonderfully stoner-friendly name, will hypnotize your ass with psychedelic Afrobeat.


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