Finesse and Runway

Have you heard about the franks and beans incident at I/O? Last year the dynamic electro bass duo and avant-garde performance art troupe Finesse and Runway sprayed the crowd with wieners and the like. If you missed out on the antics the first time, this weekend is your chance to get some of Miami's hottest sausages. Dino "Runway" Felipe and Melba "Finesse" Payes combine an eclectic mix of edgy breakbeats, old-school Miami bass, electronic glitch pop, and over-the-top noise with an aggressively superfun live performance. The two have been performing together as Finesse and Runway since 2001 and released their self-titled full-length debut on Miami-based electronic label Schematic, home of Felipe's solo work as well. -- Dominic Sirianni


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