Felix da Housecat

Felix da Housecat (a.k.a. Felix Stallings, Jr.) is one of dance music's most artistically respected and commercially successful figures. His eclectic DJ sets — composed of equal parts house, funk, and New Wave — are immediately accessible and completely unpredictable, appealing to both the hardcore club crowd and the rock and roll dilettante. As a producer, he has generated the sort of mainstream buzz that other dance music DJs only dream about. His breakthrough album, 2001's Kittenz and Thee Glitz, almost single-handedly ignited the synth-pop revival while introducing the world to Miss Kittin on standout tracks "Silver Screen" and "Madame Hollywood." The album's success led to an influx of remix work for artists such as Madonna, Garbage, New Order, and The Chemical Brothers; 2004's follow-up LP Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever; and top DJ slots at the world's finest music festivals. It looks as if 2006 will be another breakthrough year for Stallings, since he's recruited some top-tier (and top secret) artists for his forthcoming CD.


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