Fedde Le Grand at LIV June 4

Ever since Fedde Le Grand dropped his robotically hypnotic electro-house hit "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit" in the summer of 2006, the Dutch beat technician has been doing his best to top it. And yeah, he's taken a few solid shots with tracks such as 2007's "The Creeps," 2009's "Scared of Me," and 2010's "New Life." But after five years, it's beginning to look as though "Detroit" might stand as Fedde's major contribution to postmillennial party science.

Nevertheless, Mr. Le Grand knocked out another single, "Metrum," just last week. And he seems pretty convinced that this tech-y cut is gonna be his next massive club killer. For months, he's dragged the track to festivals all around the globe — including Germany's Sea of Love, England's Global Gathering, and Texas's Nocturnal — testing it out on enormous crowds of captive ravers. And this Saturday, Miami club rats will finally get their chance to serve as test subjects for Fedde's latest sonic experiment.


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