Father Bloopy

Miami Beach may be famous for many things — celebrity cachet, club chic, thongs, and a dearth of parking spaces. But it's generally not known for birthing rock stars. So when singer/guitarist/songwriter Roger Houdaille proclaims himself a Miami Beach homeboy, it doesn't necessarily affirm his credibility or credentials. Then again, dubbing his band Father Bloopy isn't exactly winning him points either.

Fortunately Father Bloopy (which also includes bassist Nina Souto, drummer Eric Hernandez, and violinist Angelica Losada) has a sound that's so expressive and intriguing it overshadows all of these awkward inconsistencies. While the band's debut album, Ginger, Baby, makes few concessions to South Florida's multicultural mix (the reggaeton rhythms of "What's Kamila Doing?" aside), the smooth grooves and vibrant melodies create a heady brew. This is especially so on more assertive songs like "Aventura," "Hot Down," and "Two Tays Too Today."

Houdaille's mix of swoon and croon finds him approximating an unlikely collision between Ray Davies and Devendra Banhart, a quirky combination that finds a surprisingly good fit with the densely textured mélange. "Miss Morality" suggests they've worn out the grooves on their ELO and Supertramp albums, but the retro references mesh seamlessly with their modern sensibilities. Be assured, the silly name is Father Bloopy's only blooper.


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