Fashion Freakouts 2011: Top Ten Pop Star Style Mishaps of the Last Year

The past 365 days have been packed with some seriously questionable pop star looks. Sure, most of them have been perpetrated by Lady Gaga and whatever little monster dresses her. But Ms. Germanotta isn't the only one who's played the fashion game and lost miserably.

Maybe it's just that we're all so poor and destitute we've become turned on by disastrous dressers like Ke$ha, LMFAO, and Kreayshawn. But you can't blame everything on the shitty economy. Some famous people just don't know how to pick out clothes for themselves.

Check out Crossfade's Fashion Freakouts 2011, featuring the top eleven pop star style mishaps of 2011. They violate all good sense and taste. So beware, and enjoy the hideousness.

10. Kreayshawn

Since we've brought up the name already, why not start with Kreayshawn. This little white girl mobette is an actual cutie. But damn, she does some stupid shit sometimes. It's like she's kidding, but then it's like she takes herself a little too seriously. For a chick that sings about fashion, wearing a black curly wig on her platinum mop is a big fashion WTF. Of course, we give her props for creativity and those raver Minnie ears.

Fashion Freakouts 2011: Top Ten Pop Star Style Mishaps of the Last Year
Peter Neill via Wikipedia

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9. Ke$ha

On the other hand, Ke$ha gets no star for nothing fashionwise. She's an adult that dresses like a teenage girl and pours glitter on everyone at her shows. Yes, she glammed it up for that goofy "Blow" video with Van Der Beek, but with her sleazy schtick, everything manages to be a mishap.

8. Porcelain Black

Porcelain Black tried to show us what rock 'n' roll looks like in this video, but we're not seeing it. When we interviewed her, she was certainly sweet, and she has the blessing of Lil Wayne, but her look in this video is more straight-up L.A. than rock 'n' roll. Keith Richards and Iggy Pop, that's what rock 'n' roll looks like.

Fashion Freakouts 2011: Top Ten Pop Star Style Mishaps of the Last Year
Credit MTV/PictureGroup

7. Nicki Minaj

Ms. Minaj at the VMAs ... We couldn't and still can't wrap our brains around this look. Part origami, part "things found under the Christmas tree," Minaj will never outlive this hodgepodge mishap.

Fashion Freakouts 2011: Top Ten Pop Star Style Mishaps of the Last Year
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images


Who built the pyramids? That's an easier mystery to solve than why people like LMFAO. With their offensive lensless glasses and big dumb hair, these guys are a dark cloud over good taste. At this year's American Music Awards, they even got the Hoff to join their party-time ridiculousness. Maybe we just hate them because they make us feel old, or maybe they're just the worst thing to happen to music and fashion in 2011.

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