Family Force Five

Atlanta's Family Force Five creates a dubious first impression at best. Much like the mustached, pudgy crooner Har Mar Superstar, the act could be a colossal ironic joke the rest of us might not be getting. After all, the slogan of this group of five pasty-white hipsters with emo-style haircuts is "May the crunk be with you." Still, they try to do right by the booty-shaking legacy of their hometown. The band claims to blend influences from Pete Rock, Kool and the Gang, and Outkast with Kraftwerk, Rage Against the Machine, and, um, Jesus. The result? Chugging, post-hardcorelike guitars under lyrics about mullets, interspersed with hip-hop breakdowns, and even the appearance of the endangered keytar. It's definitely not for the dour, High Fidelity-esque music purist, but free your mind, and your ass just might follow Family Force Five.


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