Fabrika Music Showcase

The boys from Tereso: happy visionaries

Fabrika Music Showcase

It helps to have friends in high places when you're trying to put a local scene on the map. Miami's Fabrika Music imprint, the brainchild of Soniko drummer Toto Gonzalez, has just that: a Sony distribution deal. Some of the area's best and brightest alternative Latin bands will turn on the juice for industry muckity-mucks and fans alike at Churchill's on Friday night.

The showcase will be the first of several, Gonzalez says, aimed at supporting the genre's local up-and-comers. One of the Fabrika-signed bands featured will be Minimal, which Gonzalez pegs as a cross between Cafe Tacuba and the Flaming Lips. The group earned a featured spot at the 2006 Latin Alternative Music Conference, and has a video in rotation on MTV Tr3s. Nimencia is on the bill as well. Gonzalez calls them "one of the hardest-working bands in Miami," a bilingual outfit that blends grunge with experimental rock. Also on hand will be Tereso, a local favorite Gonzalez considers nothing short of visionary. (Tereso's latest release, Youth Divine Treasure, can be purchased currently through major music retailers.)


Fabrika Music Showcase

Huma Rojo, Nimencia, Minimal, 13 Puentes, Tereso, and Camilo Espitia perform Friday, March 2, at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. Those eighteen and over are welcome with ID. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $5. Call 305-757-1807 for more information.

"Fabrika Music evolved from the necessity to expose Miami's talent to the world," Gonzalez explains. "We believe in our music scene. We work hard to put Miami's music out there and have a lot of people supporting it." He says working with Sony has been "pretty good," and for the moment, he's focused on digital distribution, through vendors such as iTunes and eMusic. But he concedes that Fabrika still sells the most records in those cities where the bands tour.

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