F#$% Valentine's Day! Top Ten Anti-Love Songs

V-Day is a fucking time bomb. Ask Eminem.
V-Day is a fucking time bomb. Ask Eminem.

Valentine's Day really blows.

If you're single, lovey-dovey shit will be rubbed in your face at every turn. And if you're not single, you've got to come up with some kind of sappy, cheesy display of affection or else end up in the dog house.

And why? Because Hallmark and the damn chocolate companies are engaged in some kind of evil tryst, working together to manipulate your emotions and steal all your money.

So, instead of celebrating with syrupy love songs, we here at Crossfade are listening to anti-love jams about beating bitches and cheating hearts. Listen to our musical manifesto and flip the bird at passing couples.

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Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way"

Sometimes love feels great, and sometimes it feels terrible because you're banging some guy who is also banging this other girl, and you're all in the same band together, and you're stuck on tour, and there is no escape. But at least such a bizarre love triangle yields really great music. This gem from the classic album Rumours captures that feel, and send it off unceremoniously on its own way.

Gang Starr's "Love Sick"

Damn, some bitches be wack, like the girl in this song from 1991. Gang Starr is a busy guy, trying to get his money up, and he really cares about his girl, but she just can't take it. She feels like he's ignoring her or paying too much attention to other ladies. But it's all part of the business! Oh well. Obviously, Gang Starr just needs a new woman who's down to ride. We've all been there, homie.

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