Exposé with Lisa Lisa at Seminole Coconut Creek Casino August 13

The perfect music of late summer could be freestyle, AKA the Latin-tinged, electro-derived music indigenous to South Florida and New York in the '80s. With its tinkly synths and helium-pitched vocals, the genre captures the breezy late-afternoon August sun. But freestyle often boasts a kind of bittersweet undercurrent, a creeping dread about love soon to be lost.

The all-female act Exposé was among the best to walk this emotional tightrope and score some of the genre's biggest hits — all from a Miami hometown base. Though the group's early star, Sandee, sadly passed away a few years ago, Exposé continues to perform with one of its midperiod lineups, featuring members Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, and Gioia Bruno. With plenty of water under the bridge, they now happily sing old radio dance hits such as "Seasons Change" and "Point of No Return." This Saturday, the group will perform at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino as part of a weekend-long celebration of the '80s. Also on the bill is Lisa Lisa (sans Cult Jam), the songstress best known for "I Wonder if I Take You Home."


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