Eric Vloeimans Trio

It is little wonder why Dutch-born Eric Vloeimans is considered one of the most influential trumpet players of his generation. An accomplished storyteller, Vloeimans refuses to restrict himself to any particular melodic format or sonic texture.

Take, for instance, his version of "Prince of Darkness," a Miles Davis composition included on Hyper, Vloeimans' most recent live album. As Vloeimans progresses through the tune, he adds various electronic effects to his instrument to achieve a sound that subtly blends into the rest of the arrangement. On that album's title track, he uses a progressive rock structure to create improvisational opportunities that challenge both his fellow musicians and the audience.

Still, when playing live, Vloeimans uses a quieter performance style, paying close attention to the other players onstage. Although he is often compared to Wynton Marsalis or Davis when it comes to his musical approach, he does not boast a flashy presence. Rather, his sets are strictly about the music and its appreciation. For his stop in South Florida, he will be backed by longtime collaborators Anton Goudsmit on guitar and Harmen Fraanje on piano.


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