Endless Summer 2016 Unites All Corners of the Miami Rock Scene

Not to be confused with Bruce Brown's 1966 sardonic surf exposé, Churchill's upcoming Endless Summer 2016 is sure to offer a brief distraction from the unbearable heat that comes with July in Miami.

"Anyone could just put together 12 bands and call it a festival..."

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This Endless Summer edition will concentrate heavily on showcasing the ever-hidden Miami music scene while also drawing in out-of-town talent. South Florida controls the bulk of the lineup, with headliners and hometown rock veterans Deaf Poets, who will also celebrate the release of the duo's newest single, "What Am I to do." The Poets will be followed by another set of alternative, garage rockers, 198X, and the abrasively acidic psychedelic rock group Other Body. Other Sunshine State acts on the lineup include Peyote Coyote, the Filthy Casuals, Suede Dudes, Viceroi, Graet Outdoors, and the WildTones. Traveling south on the godforsaken I-95 in something surely more comfortable than a jam-packed mom mobile will be Jet Black Alley Cat from Nashville. And DJ Rippin Kittin will warm up the stage with her own set.

Endless Summer is put on by Alba Rubio of the local music blog Showskii and Sean Wouters (AKA MES), frontman for Deaf Poets. A lot of care was put into curating this year's lineup, and Rubio and Wouters' goal was to gather a bunch of acts that might have otherwise never had an opportunity to play together. We caught up with Rubio to chat more about the upcoming festival and what led to its creation. 

New Times: Tell us a little about your successful music blog, Showskii, and how you got to where you are today.
Alba Rubio: Showskii is a music project I’ve run for about 3 years now. I’ve always been passionate about music, so the best way for me to expand on that was to create opportunities for artists to be heard. It first started off when I went to Warped Tour three years ago and did press for the first time. I arranged and hosted video interviews with select musicians, and I edited them to put on my Youtube channel. One of my first videos managed to rake in over 80,000 views, and I started getting feedback on my Twitter, other social media outlets, and bands from that. I decided to delve further into it, and started doing music coverage — photography, reviews, interviews — for festivals, concerts, shows, bands, and networked as much as possible. From doing coverage, I got inspired to produce my own events, make my own graphics, book bands and tours, and even pursue my Music Business degree at Berklee College of Music. I view it all as a learning experience, seeing how promoters and staff run shows effectively. Over the years I’ve met and partnered up with some pretty amazing people as well as collaborated with some hardworking and fantastic artists.

What's the story behind your relationship with MES and the Deaf Poets? How did you guys come up with this event and what kind of audience are you targeting?
My relationship with MES and the Deaf Poets is a pretty nice one, I believe. Funny enough, MES is a codename for Sean Wouters, frontman and guitarist of Deaf Poets. Sean and I became friends the summer of 2015, and the more we got to know each other, the more we realized we had a similar goal of building up Miami’s music scene. As far as the event, Sean and I have a couple festivals under our belts. This year we partnered up for the first time to bring you Miami’s Endless Summer 2016 — Showskii and MES edition. There has always been a rock music scene in Miami but it has always felt a bit fragmented. This event will hopefully bring awareness to the great rock acts that Miami has to offer, along with showing the rest of the community that there is indeed an audience for them.

What was the criteria for the lineup and the selection process?
Sean and I decided that Miami’s Endless Summer 2016 should bring together bands that don’t usually perform together — or all the time. Quality is very important. Anyone could just put together 12 bands and call it a festival, but we aim to bring together the best homegrown talent, both well-known and up-and-coming. We’re excited to say that we have a band from Tennessee, Jet Black Alley Cat, an Orlando band, the Wild Tones, and a multitude of artists from South Florida that are ready to rock it out with us. Miami music rock veterans Deaf Poets will also be celebrating their newest single “What am I to do." We also partnered up with Cut-A-Rug to bring forth an experimental dance party in the greenroom for all those that like to shake a leg, or two.

Do you think the Miami bands are what makes your audiences flock to the concert or are they on an even playing field with the out of town bands?
It is important for our audience to know about their local culture and the music they have around them. Many people don’t know what gems our community has. I think the out-of-towners are a great fit and bring forth their own special taste to Miami’s Endless Summer as much as the locals we chose from.

Endless Summer. With Deaf Poets, Other Body, Jet Black Alley Cat, and others. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 2, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami; 305-757-1807; Admission is $7.

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