Electric Six

Love and indifference are your only real options with the Detroit-based sextet Electric Six. Their remarkable production values are unaffected: Frontman Dick Valentine begins shows wearing a customized cape ("Flashy") for the song "Flashy Man," removing it at song's end to reveal a second customized cape ("Showtime") for "It's Showtime." His showmanship is such that his wearing 16 capes would be feasible. But these dudes will clearly outlive the hedonistic disco-rock that their minor hit "Gay Bar" appeared to spoof in 2003, and they're still a fuckin' hoot live. The nonchalantly salacious bassist (this band's personnel history is confusing, but I think his name is Smorgasbord!) grinds lasciviously to both "Gay Bar" and "Gay Bar Part Two," as well as other key jams such as "Improper Dancing" and "Dance Epidemic."


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