Electric Frankenstein

Since creating Electric Frankenstein in 1991, bassist/mad scientist Sal Canzonieri has taught his rock and roll monster well. Balls-out, AC/DC-influenced punk rock: good. Wimpy alternative rock: bad. After 11 years, 10 LPs, 10 EPs, and countless singles, Electric Frankenstein has perfected its Misfits-meets-Kiss-meets-Jerry Lee Lewis "New Rock" just in time for the sudden rediscovery of rock and roll. Not a monster to waste an opportunity in a post-Strokes world, EF has branched out into record production. Canzonieri's A Fistful Of Rock 'N' Roll compilations on Caroline/Tee Pee have introduced the world to a whole host of EF-allied bands that are hell-bent on driving the last nail in the Backstreet Boys' coffin. Electric Frankenstein's latest disc, The Buzz of a 1000 volts, is an aural jackhammer that raises all sorts of rock demons channeling Jimi Hendrix through a console from his Electric Ladyland Studios. After playing every squat, dive bar, musical theater, and festival stage in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan -- Electric Frankenstein finally terrorizes Miami. Bring your torches, but don't touch them. They're electric!


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