Elastic Bond at Bardot December 23

The time has come to take a trip with local Latinotronica crew Elastic Bond.

But you can't show up without supplies. You've gotta pack a bag. You will need (1) a stash of premium psilocybin, (2) a sturdy pair of sunglasses with sparkly starbursts embedded in the lenses, (3) a minimum of three friends, (4) a few pieces of (unpoisoned) fruit for sustenance, and (5) a detailed map of the solar system.

With those mind-expanding, eye-protecting, way-finding provisions, you're guaranteed good vibes and a sonically satisfying time when your fellow Elastic travelers — sugar-throated singer Sofy Encanto, ambient master Andres Ponce, guitar guy Buffalo Brown, and horn player David Burgos — crash into Bardot on a flaming comet from outer space.


Elastic Bond

9 p.m. Friday, December 23, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-7750; bardotmiami.com.

Now generally, tripping with Elastic Bond is a soul-sustaining experience awash in positive energy. But believe us, there are plenty of perils lurking beneath the sweet, psychedelic surface. You might make a wrong turn and stumble into a dark, druggy hole. Or even, as seen in the foursome's newish music video for space-surfing jam "Frequencia Natural," you might get ambushed by an evil witch wielding a rotten apple spiked with arsenic.

Just keep it light, natural, and fun. And Elastic Bond won't let you drift off into bad trip territory.


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