Eight Richest Musicians in Their Teens and 20s

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Just two months after naming "World's Most Powerful Celebrities," Forbes is back on the arbitrary list beat and ranking the "Highest-Paid Stars under 30."

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber made a combined $122 million last year, earning them the top two spots on this coveted list. In fact, the top five highest-paid celebrities under 30 last year were musicians, and the average age was an impressive 23 years old.

So while the young stars of Twilight may have raked in over $25 million each last year, it's the musicians who were "Rolling in the Deep" sea of dolla, dolla bills, y'all.

Check out the eight richest musicians in their teens and 20s.

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8. Skrillex, 24: $15 Million

Just eight years ago, Sonny Moore was the lead singer of a mediocre post-hardcore band. But then in 2010, he took on the name Skrillex, dropped a free EP on his MySpace and took dubstep mainstream. A year later, he won three Grammys while also being named Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year by MTV. Oh, and he made more money than a music blogger would in three lifetimes.

7. Lil Wayne, 29: $27 Million

He's not actually a billionaire, but Weezy's still paid. As the Young Money Cash Money Billionaire boss, homie rakes in a sweet chunk of change each year. He's also got mad pull over his artists, deciding if and when they perform and whether or not Drake should squash his beef with Chris Brown.

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