EDM's Ten Best Tracks and Albums of 2012

EDM was bigger and badder than ever this year.

Lady Gaga went on tour with electro-wunderkind Zedd. Skrillex won three Grammys. Shit, even the American Music Awards created an EDM category.

Of course, this also means a lot of garbage is being produced. But thankfully, there are still loads of artists who take their craft (and the dance floor) seriously.

Let's take the time to look back and celebrate those artists who delivered with monster tracks, EPs, and even full albums. If we don't reward them now, we'll only ever get more cheese.

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10. Zedd's "Spectrum"

In 2011, this Russian-German DJ-producer worked on official remixes for pop goddess Lady Gaga and then he joined the megastar for her 2012 tour. But his biggest success to date would definitely be "Spectrum," a progressive and edgy electro-house anthem released June 1 on Interscope. No doubt teenagers will be finding themselves to its massive builds while driving on highways late at night for years to come.

9. Nari & Milani's "Atom"

They're not pop superstars, but this Italian electro duo produced one of the year's biggest hits with dark, driving single "Atom." Chances are, if you're an avid partier, this track's been a highlight of about 60 percent of the DJ sets that got you uhntz-uhntz-ing in 2012.

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