EDM's Five Biggest Hacks

We like Hardwell as a person, but we think he might be a robot built by marketers to make them money.
We like Hardwell as a person, but we think he might be a robot built by marketers to make them money.

What makes someone a hack? A hack purports to be something he's not. It's a person who holds himself above others on false grounds. The entertainment industry is full of them, and tons of people get into the music industry for the wrong reasons.

We can't help ourselves from feeling that a highly paid musician should probably, we don't know, give a shit. If you just want to be an entertainer, that's cool, just say so. Afrojack said he just wants to be a pop star. And he is! That's being upfront with yourself and others. But there are tons of people in this game who just suck. They're in it for ego. They may or may not actually contribute anything but a face.

Here are EDM's five biggest hacks.

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This fresh-faced Tiësto protégé is sweeping the charts and topping the lineups of every major festival in the world. He started DJing at the age of 12 (what?) and got signed to his first record label a year later (calling shenanigans). His music is critically meh, but worse things have been released. He's a nice enough guy, so what makes us say he's a hack? We had the chance to interview the kid before one of his sets at Story Miami, and we asked the rather basic question, "What was the hardest thing you faced on your road to success?" Unbelievably, he couldn't think of a single hardship. Not one obstacle came to mind. What are you, Hardwell? A fucking robot? Are you a human being at all? Did someone in a suit just find you and think, "He's got a good face for billboards Times Square, let's sign him and make some money"? Since no one is perfect, the only reasonable explanation is you're not emotionally invested in music at all. Or you're scared of being honest because your handlers run your life. In either case, you're just a tool.

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