Eddie Kirkland

Jamaican-born Eddie Kirkland has toured with Otis Redding, performed with John Lee Hooker, and has played guitar during a televised performance while standing on his head. Brought up in Alabama, Kirkland learned guitar, harmonica, and vocals before moving to Detroit, where he first met and recorded with Hooker in 1943. Soon after, Kirkland released his debut album, It's the Blues Man! on Tru-Sound Records, which clashed a polished R&B sound with Kirkland's own intense vocals and instrument-playing, making the music instantly interesting. In 1962, Kirkland signed on to open for Otis Redding, eventually leading to Kirkland's recording with labels like Stax/Volt, Trix, and, in the Nineties, Deluge. Though a native of Jamaica, Kirkland strays from reggae, sticking to modern and electric blues, which are prevalent throughout his work and his performances.


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