Ed Calle

Although most saxophonists could be called one-dimensional — their playing being that single dimension — saxophonist Ed Calle is a polyphonic layer of talent. Not only does Calle have masterful control over the saxophone, but also he's an accomplished composer, arranger, flutist, clarinetist, and MIDI wind player. Over the past 25 years, Miami's Calle has played on thousands of recordings and written, arranged, and played on sessions in every style and sound in studios across South Florida. Although Top 40 and Latin artists such as Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, Julio Iglesias, and Ricky Martin are often in the limelight, they've all showcased Calle's talents at one time or another.

The Venezuelan-born Calle has been active with other big-name musicians as a tenor sax player, also working with Arturo Sandoval, Vanessa Williams, Bob James, and even the late Frank Sinatra. And don't expect to hear straight, down-the-line melodies from Calle. After music, Calle's second passion is mathematics, and besides a master's degree in jazz performance, he also has a bachelor's degree in math from Florida International University. He often incorporates math theories into his jazz and pop harmonies, beefing them up with textured arrangements and rhythms outside the standard beat box. Under the direction of conductor Dante Luciani, Calle is pairing his talents with the University of Miami Concert Jazz Band, adding even another dimension to his musical universe. — Paul Catala


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