Dyslexic Postcards

With an album titled Stars Invited Me to Fly Through Time, it isn't surprising that Dyslexic Postcards are a tie-dye rock band. "The basis of all of our sound just comes from psychedelic rock," says singer and guitarist Ely Bacoy. "But there's also a bit of a punk rock edge to it." Playing since 1994, Dyslexic Postcards have had several lineup changes. Performing during this year's reunion tour will be Bacoy, singer and guitarist Joshua X-mas, and bass player Alex Vazquez, along with local drummers who at one point or another were a part of the band's roster. "We're going to have a rotating drummer spot," says Bacoy. Adding to the appeal of the tour is the recent release of Stars, a compilation album, as well as the fact that at each show the band will perform its spacy style with a different music genre's edge. So there will be a country-psychedelic night. "Each show that we do is going to be its own little project," Bacoy explains. "We want to give people something they know, but in a different way."


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