Dyslexic Postcards

Dyslexic Postcards are a little bit roots punk, a little bit Pink Floyd, and a lotta Spacemen 3. But mostly the quintet is way overdue to release a CD, so catch 'em at Churchills while it's cheap.

"Right now we have nothing for sale but our asses," says guitarist/singer Joshua Xmas, he of the omnipresent white Stetson hat. "We will begin recording our long-awaited full-length independent extravaganza come May."

The band has played at numerous local venues: Culture Room, PS14, and Scrap Bar to name a few. Xmas is renowned for not pulling any punches, and that goes double for his take on local rock clubs, so let's let the heavens fall, shall we? "Places like PS14 and Scrap Bar have terrible sound systems for bands," he says. "The Culture Room has a great stage and always has a good crowd, but Churchill's is our home. Good atmosphere, good people, and most of all, good music."


Dyslexic Postcards

Dyslexic Postcards perform with six other acts on Friday, April 27, at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5, and those 18 and over are welcome with ID. Call 305-757-1807, or visit www.churchillspub.com.

As for the local roster of bands, Xmas again puts candor before tact. "We don't really fit into the öscene,'" he notes. "I personally don't dislike any local bands, although I'm indifferent to 90 percent of them. There are some really great musicians out there, many of whom I respect and admire to the utmost." Among the honored: Boy Prostitute, Stay Hitt, Le Fantome, the Curious Hair, and Humbert.

Any more opinions we should know about?

As it should happen, yes.

"Bottom line is, we don't need any more dick promoters," Xmas says. "Bands can just book their own shows. At the same time there are some promoters out there who work really hard for us and look out for artists. Most of those guys are in bands themselves."

He pauses, trawling his brain for a topper. "Art doesn't imitate life, it imitates bad television. That's the problem with the scene." The veteran rocker advises new bands to get as much stage experience as possible. "Play as many shows as you can even if you hate the places you play at, or the crowds. Get a Purevolume or MySpace page. Tour, tour, tour."


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