Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

Let's face it. The world of music is a really dumb place, and we should know. Here at Crossfade, we spend the majority of our time sifting through the deserted wasteland of pop culture, and it ain't lookin' too good out there.

This year felt like a particularly dumb year too. Maybe it was all this talk about the Mayans, but some kind of bar was definitely lowered. We watched helplessly all year long as old favorites lost it, new faces freaked us out, and some people just wouldn't fucking go away.

But these 12 things just had to be about the worst.

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Contrary to popular belief, dubstep's been around a while. But this year, it became something of an epidemic in the top 40 game. Both Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift tried their hand at the genre, experimenting with its theretofore untamed wobbles as the "it" sound of the moment. Years later, we can acknowledge this as the time dubstep became just another studio trick for mainstream pop producers.

Call Me Maybe

It's not enough to have an obnoxiously radiant pop song, no. This is 2012, we can do better. We can do that shitty pop song ourselves. Carly Rae Jepson hit the scene hard with her gooey and infectious debut single, and even though it was kind of awful, everyone on YouTube decided to cover it. Famous bands have tried their hand, but most of the about 134,000 cover on the site are just the usual, awful everyday attention-starved bedroom dweller. We hope we can get this song out of our heads by the end of the month.

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