Dublex Inc.

The Stuttgart, Germany, combo of producers and DJs known as Dublex Inc. has finally released its debut album after four years of slowly merging into the worldwide club scene with three Latin-tinged singles and numerous remixes. Eight Ears sounds a bit like their freestyle DJ sets, combining jazzy uptempo tunes with hip-hop, dub reggae, old-school funk, and soul music, all strategically mixed to create a flow that accentuates, at times, a pulsating rhythm or a delicate cadence. But the Latin connection is still as present as ever.

The single "Nifty Night" works as a replacement for their most popular number, "Tango Forte," the only missing link in this retrospective of Dublex's previous work, perhaps because seemingly every producer licensed the song when it first debuted in 2002. Meanwhile, "Tócame," a track that has also appeared on several lounge compilations (including Hotel Costes 5), and the 2000 hit "Izquitos" are both included on the album, probably to reinforce the quartet's identity and, once again, introduce them to unaware listeners. Four men, eight ears: Simple as that.


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