Dub Vibes, Chapter Six: Bros Gone Wild at Revolution Live June 23

The current dubstep scene is eerily reminiscent of the late-'00s real estate bubble. Thanks to massive mainstream interest, the wub-wub market is flooding, and it seems to be headed for an inevitable collapse that'll rival the housing market's 2008 demise.

Like "investors" who wanted to flip houses for a quick profit, too many "DJs" are blindly diving into an EDM subgenre because of its profit potential. However, only the smartest and most talented dubstep disc jockeys will see long-term gain. Take for example the Bros Gone Wild gang: Bro Safari, Big Chocolate, Tittsworth, and Sazon Booyah.

In addition to tweaking tracks with womp-womps and weeble-wobbles , the DJs on the Bros Gone Wild tour are building buzz, converting fans, and earning the respect of their electronic dance music peers. And with the dubby spinoff moombahton movement on their collective shoulders, Bro Safari, Big Chocolate, Sazon Booyah, and Tittsworth are proving to be a relatively safe investment.


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