Urban hipster chicks make New Year's at Soho 
    Lounge worthwhile
Urban hipster chicks make New Year's at Soho Lounge worthwhile
Humberto Guida

Dropping the Ball

Chasing down Alejandro Ferllen. That's what I was doing as the ball dropped on the New Year. It wasn't for an interview or to say hello. I needed tickets to get my friend in and my license back from the doorman. After a day when Ferllen Productions' Private Mansion party was moved hours before its start from mid-Beach to Jeannette Varela's Star Island estate, yours truly was invited, then uninvited for asking insiders about the reasons for the last-minute disarray (allegedly some club owners were peeved about the party's 10:00 a.m. -- as opposed to their 5:00 a.m. -- finish line and complained to the city). But once the Latin party promoter wised up, they reinvited me in good faith. That is, until I got to the door and found that my name still wasn't on the list. I would have left if it weren't for the $30 I spent on valet parking. In the end I enjoyed the shindig, except for the $10 drinks and long lines for the powder (and I do mean powder) room. Those waits were accompanied by Venezuelan boys with annoyingly rough accents, like one who seemed straight enough but wore tight jeans that accented his toosh and a tight spandex top with the word "Kiss" in gold letters. And no, he had never heard of the legendary rock band by the same name.

The night's excitement revolved around a somewhat standoffish conversation between Fashion TV/The WOMB's Duncan Ross and Dancestar USA's Elliot Stares about the future of the Winter Music Conference. In a nutshell, Ross wanted more collaboration and less competition among WMC week's multiplying entities, and Stares tentatively agreed, but not at the expense of Dancestar's attention-grabbing awards show. After that breath of intelligent air I felt like blowing this pretentious, frothy party to be with my friends. So I spent the rest of the night in the comfy confines of Soho Lounge at Aquabooty/Backdoor Bamby's bash where people like Tomas, Joe Budious, Ana Diaz-Balart, Jasmine Kastel, and the lovely Kate Anderson reminded me that cool people still exist in 2004.


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