Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan is full of youthful bluster, promising musical revolution even while the band reminds you it doesn't really give a shit. It's a common rock trope, sure, and usually an unfortunate indicator of pending disappointment. Far better, as put so eloquently by Teddy Roosevelt, to "speak softly and carry a big stick." Well, Dr. Manhattan's audacity probably never drops below 120 decibels, but its stick is definitely capable of delivering a good bludgeoning. The affably juvenile foursome is just as likely to laugh at its many dick jokes as it is to take any of this seriously, though; these guys are definitely consistent.

In keeping with the playful persona, Dr. Manhattan's eponymous debut release for Vagrant Records sounds like a bunch of precocious prodigies let loose in a fully stocked studio. A wide array of sounds and styles holds brief sway over the 11 tracks, making for a delightfully manic listening experience — like Sybil with guitars. Onstage, Dr. Manhattan prefers high-energy, audience-participatory shenanigans, making its already exciting and frenetic music come to life as the center of a self-contained ecosystem of dancing, sweating, and stomping animals.


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