Downtown Miami's Five Best Dance Clubs

You can't beat the Garret. Don't even trip.
You can't beat the Garret. Don't even trip.
Photo by Jipsy

People all over the world love Miami. To outsiders, this place is one never-ending party, and we'd be full of it not to concede that some locals see it that way too.

Of course, the stereotype is some all-night party on South Beach, in some swank club full of models who don't speak English. But that's only half the story.

If we're being real, we've had some of the most memorable nights on the other side of the bridge. Downtown may not be as flashy, but it knows what's up, and these five dance clubs are more than worth the admission price -- when there is one.

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Downtown Miami's Five Best Dance Clubs
Photo by Liliana Mora

5. Vagabond

If what you want from a night out is a low-key, posi-vibes experience, Vagabond is the spot. Get down on the nice and big dance floor, where it's never too cramped to bust a serious move, a rare quality in Miami. Enjoy plenty of drinks, because the prices won't bust your budget. And when you get too sweaty, cool down on the patio with even more great music. You can even satisfy your munchies with on-site grillin'.

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