Downtown Miami's Five Best Bars

Downtown Miami's Five Best Bars
Photo by George Martinez

It's finally Friday, and that means we are thirstier than a motherfucker for this workweek to be over.

Of course, the only thing that can quell our craving is a cold, delicious brewksie enjoyed in a dark setting, maybe with some music and food too.

But where do we head when the final minute is up? Try one of these downtown Miami hangouts. We certainly enjoy them. Possibly a little too much.

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Downtown Miami's Five Best Bars
Photo by Ian Witlen

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5. The Corner

There's just something special about this watering hole-in-the-wall. From the outside, during off-business hours, it might look like any seemingly dilapidated downtown store front. But when the sun goes down, the patio becomes crowded and the bar gets hoppin' real quick. We often use it as a place to pregame before shows at neighboring Space, E11even, or Grand Central, and definitely use it again for an aperitif as we digest the night's happenings. It's open till 5 a.m., and though the people get sketchier and drunker as the night progresses, the cocktails are always delicious.

Downtown Miami's Five Best Bars
Photo by Jacob Katel

4. Blackbird Ordinary

This joint is the perfect mix of classy and assy. It's refined, but you will have the chance to get nasty to some real booty-shakin' jams. The handcrafted cocktails are amazing, but they're not going to blow up your wallet. The Ladies Night is one helluva good time, and there's a bit of inside and outside action, for wherever the night takes you. Definitely a great spot to take your friends, whatever the occasion.

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