Down Home Southernaires

This weekend, Down Home Southernaires hit NE 14th Street two nights in a row, to play two neighboring venues. The Vagabond and PS14 are nice venues for dancing and drinking. And though the stage areas at both clubs are small, it's this kind of intimate setting where amazing local shows happen. DHS have become an exponentially better outfit since they were known as Pygmy, and with a brand-new album, Negro en Bicicleta, these Vaudevillian troubadours are proving themselves to be local heavyweights.

You might even want to dress a little better for the night — maybe a blazer, maybe some earth-tones, maybe an ascot, maybe a nice cardigan — something guaranteed to get your body sweating whilst you revel in full DHS glory. Immerse yourself in Tropicália mixing with the sounds of Western Africa, colliding with some good American rock and roll, dripped in bossa nova, and tinged with some sick charanga and reggaeton. Oh, and be sure to pick up a copy of the album.


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