Dan Martin wears many hats: beach bum, topless gazer, gabber, musician, performance artist, provocateur, et cetera, but since relocating to our sunny shores from Milwaukee in 2002, he certainly hasn't dilly-dallied in pushing the boundaries of his Doormouse persona. Not to be confused with his more serene cousin, the church mouse, Doormouse's seemingly antagonistic stage antics run the gamut of a Ritalin child spazzing out over some perceived malfeasance, to all-out aggression. Regardless of which, it definitely falls into a "higher art" category you can love or hate — though it won't be clear until after you've experienced it completely. Elements of hardcore, breakcore, indie, IDM, and instrumental hip-hop blend in what always is a 100 percent honest performance. This evening won't be unlike Sea World's splash area, with your ears liquefied by the experimental assaults of WDF, Hydroplane, Peasants with Feathers, and über-popular Dino Felipe.


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