Donna the Buffalo at Revolution January 6

Officially, this Friday's show at Revolution doesn't have anything to do with the Jam Cruise, but it might as well.

Boat or no boat, upstate New York band Donna the Buffalo is cut from the same freewheeling, improvisation-based musical cloth as many of its buddies who'll be sea-bound the following Monday. Like other acts of its ilk, this group's sound draws on a variety of rootsy genres, from folk to blues to country and even zydeco. And despite the frosty climes from which the band originated, Donna the Buffalo loves its soulful organ stabs.

What really sets this group apart, though, is the skill of core members Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins, whose male-female, back-and-forth interplay gives Donna the Buffalo's best songs a unique dynamic. Opening for the act at Revolution will be Crazy Fingers, a favorite of South Florida's Deadheads for more than two decades.


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