Don Henley Threatens to Sue Frank Ocean and Six Other Ridiculous Musical Lawsuits

Underground R&B sensation and Odd Future fellow Frank Ocean is catching some static from the Eagles' Don Henley.

The singer isn't feeling Ocean's "American Wedding," which samples the old classic "Hotel California." Henley threatened

to sue Ocean if he performs it again, and now the performance videos on YouTube are muted.

This sort of thing pisses us off. Why punish an up-and-coming artist for revitalizing your music? Especially when your band's Greatest Hits collection is one of the best-selling records of all time. That's just selfish.

But shitty music suits are nothing new. Check these six completely ridiculous musical disputes.

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Joe Francis v. Madonna

Madonna's dropped another crappy single, called "Girl Gone Wild," from her upcoming album MDNA, and it's already coming under fire. But not just because it sucks. Joe Francis, the man behind the sort-of-porn franchise with a very similar name thinks Madonna owes him.

In this instance, Francis should just keep his cool and take the publicity. After all, he's been sued himself for much more serious charges. Like, getting his leading ladies mega-drunk and using footage of their boobies without consent.

And honestly, if anyone sues Madonna for this turd it should be Deadmau5. The opening melody is a clear rip-off of "Some Chords."

Rosa Parks v. Outkast

Back in 1999, Southern funkadelic heroes Outkast were getting their first taste of mainstream fame. But celebrations were cut short when old-school freedom fighter Rosa Parks filed suit over their '98 single titled "Rosa Parks."

Even though the song totally rules and has basically nothing to do with her stand against institutionalized racism, the black icon felt it was a misappropriation of her likeness. We think she should have appreciated the shout-out and hushed that fuss.

Red Hot Chili Peppers v. Showtime

In another instance of musicians not appreciating free publicity, RHCP took cable TV network Showtime to court over its hit show Californication. Lead singer Anthony Kiedis felt they ripped off the title from what he considers the band's "signature CD."

While it is a pretty awesome album, it's also a fabulous show. And considering the sexy and scandalous plot, there's really no better name they could use. Just accept the fact, Tony, that every fan of this show will be forced to think of your album and call it a day.

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