Photo by Thomas Giddings

Dominique Young Unique Shows Off Her Bling in New Video for "The World is Mine"


Dominique Young Unique

looking in the mirror in her new video for "The World is Mine"? She might as well be, as she's extremely aware of the camera, staring straight at it and smiling.

The spunky, fashion conscious Tampa-based hip-hop artist effortlessly mixes hip-hop with EDM and a little Miami bass, and made waves when she took to the stage at SXSW this year. She received even more attention when Pitchfork, MTV, and The Fader mentioned the 19-year-old's release of her video for "Show My Ass" in March.

Her latest video effort isn't too far of a stretch from her previous vids, but it takes us on what feels like a more glamorous day-in-the-life-of voyage through her beautifying process. Think: Getting her nails done, fixing her hair, and showing off a ton of glitzy jewelry. But if you're not into fashion, don't worry, there's more.

She dances, smiles, waves, and raps with what look like two hipster models behind her with a wall covered in photographs as the backdrop.

But then she's at a show, rapping in a midriff bra top while the hands raise in what looks like an all guy crowd. If this video doesn't shout "girl power," we don't know what does. Check it out below, and tell us what you think.


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