Proof that music journalists are sometimes good for something, Thomas Koch, AKA DJ T, made his true mark in the industry by founding Groove magazine some 20 years ago. With Koch at the helm as editor and publisher, it quickly became the bible in his native Germany for everything related to electronic music culture. But he was probably happier behind the decks than behind a keyboard, having first fallen in love with hip-hop and early electro in the '80s. By the early '90s, he was spinning acid house and techno in the important tastemaking underground venues of his native Berlin, and in 1999, he opened his own venue, Monza.

But American audiences might know and love DJ T best for his 2002 cofounding of the Berlin-based label Get Physical. Along with friends in M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, he's been influential in creating the stable's electro-house sound. It manages the fancy hat trick of being dance-floor-filling as well as smart, funky, and beloved by the underground. His current tour celebrates the release of his new artist album, The Inner Jukebox, and each stop is being broadcast live online. Get excited by listening to the dates leading up to his Miami show. Visit or


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