DJ Spinna

The Aquabooty crew rolls out the red carpet this weekend for producer/DJ extraordinaire DJ Spinna, straight from Crooklyn. One of the frontrunners of the late-Nineties indie hip-hop scene, producing tracks for many underground mainstays and as part of crews the Jigmastas and Polyrhythm Addicts, Spinna has grown into a respected collaborator in the dance-music genre and recently released the well-rounded album Intergalactic Soul, featuring explorations into broken-beat, new-soul, and more. A renowned remixer and party rocker, along with fellow DJ Bobbito Garcia, he created WONDER-Full, an event that pays tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder through his music, and recently had the honor of working with Stevie on the soulful house remix of "My Love Is on Fire." Though rare cuts of "Golden Lady" probably won't be on the menu this Saturday, Spinna will be knockin' down those bass bins all along Arthur Godfrey Road.


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