DJ Spinna
DJ Spinna
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DJ Spinna

Spinna is one of the busiest working producers and DJs on the planet. Not many can keep their hands on the pulse of the next shit when it comes to both hip-hop and dance music, but Spinna has stayed in the forefront of more genres than a United Nations summit. In the past year, he produced the Polyrhythm Addicts' fresh Break Glass LP, as well as joints for Sadat X, Ovasoul 7, the Jigmastas, and Jeremy Ellis, to name a few. Meanwhile he's been getting ready to drop the sequel to his Heavy Beats compilation, nine years after the first installment. He also keeps a heavy DJing schedule, including the renowned traveling Stevie Wonder tribute jams he throws with fellow legend Bobbito Garcia. Check him playing house, boom-bap, and buttery biscuits all over Miami this conference.

Set List

1. Jeremy Ellis, "Bounce (DJ Spinna Remix)" (Groovia Sound Project)

2. Erykah Badu, "The Cell" (Motown Universal)

3. Son of Raw, "Black Man in Space" (Objectivity)

4. Afefe Iku, "Mirror Dance" (Yoruba)

5. Ralf Gum feat. Monique Binham, "Kissing Strangers (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)" (King Street)

6. Jody Watley, "Tonight's the Night (Mark de Clive-Lowe Mix)" (Promo)

7. Zaki, "Money (King Britt FiveSix Mix)" (FiveSix Media)

8. Kemal, "Can't Help (Halo Main Mix)" (Seasons Limited)

9. Animal House, "Fight for Love (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix)" (Tea Party)

10. DJ Spinna feat. Ovasoul 7, "You Should Be Loving Me" (Wonderwax promo)


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