DJ Sneak: Five Reasons He's a House Gangster

DJ Sneak (AKA Carlos Sosa) doesn't need an introduction if you know house music.

Sneak has been running around bragging that he's a house gangster for a while now. And that's a pretty bold claim.

What is a house gangster though? Isn't that a term more fitting of violence-glorifying rap music? Is there a place for gangsters in a house music scene which has always been about PLUR or Peace Love Unity Respect?

Well it turns out that these days, when a major schism is happening between the underground house music scene and commercial EDM, gangsters might just be what's needed to save dancefloors.

Upcoming Events

Go catch DJ Sneak at Mansion on Thursday alongside Miami's own Jesse Perez. But first, check the cut for Crossfade's five reasons DJ Sneak is a house gangster.

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He Represents

DJ Sneak might have been born in Puerto Rico, but he was raised in Chicago, the birthplace of house music. And he continues preaching the gospel of Chicago house to this day with every DJ set he plays and record he releases.

He's O.G.

Sneak came up with the second wave of legendary Chicago house producers like Derrick Carter, Cajmere and Paul Johnson -- the pioneers of that '90s jacking house sound all the kids are rediscovering today, thanks to the sound's global revival. Sneak is an original house gangster.

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